Protect your market and improve your position!

You are a fixed only operator. Your business customers represent a large percentage of your revenue. Obviously you want to retain them, keep your competition away and what’s more, prevent mobile operators from taking over the accounts.

You need a solution that fulfills the requirements of your business customers and makes them more dependent on you. The solution should make a swap out pointless; a solution where your services are deeply embedded into their organization.

With VPBX you offer your customers the possibility to get rid of the expense and headaches of owning a PBX and you extend your presence beyond their CPE (customer-premises equipment). You also become an important part of their operation for intra-office communications. You offer a user-friendly solution for employees, team leaders, managers, attendants and assistants.

Probably you are planning or already offering mobile services as an MVNO. With our convergent solution you can offer to integrate the mobiles of your business customers into their VPBX: a good reason for them to leave your competitors and get all the services from you.


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