If you have both, offer them together!

You are a mobile and fixed-line operator. You have business customers that have both fixed and mobile contracts with you. You need to protect them from your competitors on two fronts. You want to offer them a seamless solution: a “unique service”  from the cloud which emphasizes the difference between you and your fixed or mobile only competitors.

With the VPBX convergent solution you stand out from your competitors. Mobile only and fixed only competitors will face a strong barrier when trying to approach your customers. You offer your customers fixed and mobile services integrated into a single cloud-based PBX. For them it means easier management and seamless operation for both mobile and fixed numbers.

What you really offer your customers is a terminal and number independent service. No matter what number is dialed they can decide whether to answer it over their mobile or fixed. And they can even extend this depending on status and/or location.

For your customers it is also an extra degree of flexibility that can turn into interesting savings. They can choose to outsource specific services seamlessly for their callers. Outsourcing call attendants becomes just a question of which number a call should be routed to.

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