Intelligent evolution

You are an operator who has made the decision or already started to move to IP. You have learned from the past and know this is not a short-term one-shot action. It will take time and resources. You have to manage your risks and make decisions accordingly.

There are two main issues. You first have to make sure that whatever you invest in, can work with your new network. You also have to make sure that during the evolution process you are able to offer services to both your legacy and IP-based customers; even if it is the same customer.

With the ECT VPBX you can offer network-based business communication services seamlessly in legacy and IP based networks. So you are protecting your investment and making it profitable now, and not waiting until the evolution is completed.

You are also able to fulfill your customers’ needs regardless of the evolution period. For example, a customer with several offices distributed nation- wide is interested in having equivalent services for all their offices and maybe having them all integrated into a single VPBX.

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