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You are a mobile only operator. So far you have not been able to get a larger share of wallet for your business customers’ communication services, mostly because of their dependence on fixed line communications. You want a service that will convince them to move to you and leave their fixed-line operator.

With the VPBX you can offer your customers the use of their mobile phones as mobile, fixed and PBX extension. Using the same phone employees can receive their mobile and fixed calls, manage intra-office communications, transfer calls or join three party conferences.

You can, for example, install a micro/pico Base Transceiver Station (BTS) on your customer’s premises for all office related traffic.

You offer a numbering plan for all their intra-office calls, DDIs for their landline numbers and the mobile MSISDN -- all managed and answered by the same device. And to make it easier to use, they can manage their settings via a web portal or even manage their calls by installing an alert client on their PCs.

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