Network Integration

The scalable ECT platform runs in any type of network environment so you can offer your customers a flexible solution that meets the demands of each of them. You only need one platform with INtellECT® Virtual PBX.


To integrate the platform into your network, we can handle all the signaling protocolls in mostvendor-specific variations.


Click on the image and the clouds for more details and contact us to learn more on how to integrate this powerful cloud-based PBX into your network.



INtellECT® Virtual PBX

INtellECT® Virtual PBX can be integrated into all of the following network architectures. We integrate in any network type and the service will run simultaneously on various architectures.



Legacy and ISDN

We integrate simultaneously with legacy mobile and/or fixed-line networks. We also offer to  integrate with traditional PBX systems so that you slowly move your customers to Virtual PBX as some employees can keep their "old“ desktop phone on the PBX and others can completely change to the new Virtual PBX solution without desktop phones on the old system.




Provide your customers a full IP service. This allows them to be always reachable by using a VoIP device, either in the office or in any other location.




If you already moved or plan to move to an IMS core the Virtual PBX will help you to provide the same service with minimal integration… you can become a real FMC operator.

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