The attendant workplace serves as your company’s switchboard. Attendants handle calls that come in via the central phone number. They also have an overview which employee is currently available, on holidays, at lunch or in a meeting. Employees can divert calls to the central desk when their phone is engaged, or when they’re on vacation.

To handle calls efficiently, the attendant workplace manages a call queue. A call is picked up just by clicking on one of the calls or via a shortcut key. The system can also be configured for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), so that calls are forwarded to the most skilled available attendant.

Especially employees that receive large numbers of calls find it convenient to forward incoming calls to the attendant while they are busy. The attendant can send an e-mail or SMS from the attendant workplace with the details and number of the caller. Additionally, from the attendant workplace it is possible to override any setting e.g. vacation if an employee has to receive an important call, regardless of his current status.

With Virtual PBX smaller companies have the option to share an attendant because the attendant workplace handles multiple companies. When a call comes in, the attendant sees the company specific welcome message and answers accordingly. The caller hears a different welcome message, depending on which company they have called. The attendant uses the same attendant workplace for all three companies, so each additional company is just another queue. The attendant also has access to the corporate directories for all the serviced companies.

Attendants can also work from home, as the attendant workplace is a web-based application. The attendant just logs on any PC with internet access and can answer calls for all serviced companies as if he/ she were in the same building. The caller doesn’t notice the difference.

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