Client Portal

Do it yourself – the easy way. You are probably very busy on your job and don’t have the time to immerse yourself into complicated PBX operation. With the client portal you’ll find it quite easy to configure and change your settings.

Maybe you are a manager and spend a big part of your time in meetings. You can configure the service so your calls are forwarded to a colleague, while you’re away. If there is a call you don’t want to miss, just add an exception for that number. If you schedule the meetings in your calendar you do not have to change the settings every time.

Do you receive calls you do not want, like advertising? Just blacklist the number and route it to your voicemail.

What happens when you are on the phone but don’t want to miss an important call? Up to you. You can forward calls to a colleague or your voicemail while you are busy.

With Virtual PBX it’s easy to send calls back and forth. You can, for example, forward a call to a colleague with his or her short number between stars. If this colleague wants to include you or somebody else in the discussion, just use the alert client on your computer and you can have a three party conference with a couple of clicks.

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