Virtual PBX

Your corporate customers need something more complex than Voice VPN but they are not willing to invest in a premise-based PBX solution?

Of course not. Having a PBX is really complicated. The equipment is not cheap and there are maintenance costs, configuration, repairs… the total cost adds up substantially. You also need to include the equipment as assets in the books and depreciate it. The costs keep adding up.

This is your chance as an operator: Why not upgrade your solution with a Virtual PBX. You get all the features and functionalities of a legacy PBX but without the equipment. You can have an internal numbering plan and each employee gets a direct dialing in (DDI). There is even a main company phone number with an IVR menu.

As a carrier, you charge a monthly fee for the service and your customer classes this fee as telecom costs in the books. It’s so easy.

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