Pick-Up and Hunting

Pick-Up Groups

Make sure there’s always someone there to pick up the phone. Especially in sales availability is everything. A Pick-Up Group in your Virtual PBX helps you to achieve this goal.
If a call to a colleague is not answered within 10 seconds, the other team members are informed by the alert client and can take the call.


Hunting Group

In a team, people are often not at their desks or a call is not meant for one specific person. In a hunting group there is one central number for a department. If someone calls this phone number all the phones ring in the group, the caller hears a welcome message and the group ring back tone until someone answers. The caller never knows who they will get...
If they call a specific person and he/ she doesn’t answer, the other phones in the group start to ring after a defined period. If nobody answers after a while, the call is forwarded to the front desk.
You can set up the group schedule from 9am to 5pm, outside of these hours all calls are forwarded to the front desk. If someone calls during business hours and everyone is busy, the calls are also forwarded to the front desk.

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