Virtual PBX makes life easier for companies’ attendants and communications in a company more efficient.

Just open the attendant workplace in your internet browser. There you get an overview of the calls the attendant needs to manage. You can also define keyword shortcuts, for example “Ctrl+A” to answer or “Ctrl+T”  transfer calls.

Attendants have access to the corporate directory, can check user status and line status and even pause the service if they need to leave their station for a moment.

In the attendant workplace you can answer and disconnect calls with a single click. You can temporarily put a call on hold, park a call for a longer period, send SMS or e-mails and of course dial a number.

You can also transfer calls. If for example someone is calling for an executive and the attendant is not sure he wants to answer this call, just start a consultation call and then transfer the call, with one click.

Attendants can override another colleague’s rules if he/ she is in a meeting. If the attendant knows that the call is really important, the call can be connected even if the colleague for whom the call was meant sends all calls to the voicemail. That way, your company won’t miss any important call.

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