ACD for your PBX from the Cloud

How does your customer interaction work? Is your contact center part of your Virtual PBX?

Augment your Virtual PBX with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). On one system you handle your employees’ phone calls plus you have a single point of entry for all enquiries to your company. Over an IVR tree callers get directed to the proper department or skill group, for example “press 1 for a consultant” or “press 2 for service related questions”. The call gets routed to the next available person in that skill group and callers always reach the most suitable and competent person available for their enquiry.

You can define routings not only based on skill group. You determine where a call is connected by time, origin, or by the length of the call queue. For example, outside of office hours you route all calls to the central switchboard.

You can do all these setups easily via a web-client with a GUI.

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