True Fixed-Mobile Convergence

In many companies employees do not have a fixed workplace. Some work from home when more convenient, or when their company does desk sharing, employees can book their desk over the intranet and sit with the project groups they are currently working in. In theory, they could sit somewhere different every day.

This concept requires an innovative communication solution and a Virtual PBX convergent solution helps is your best choice. Now, the mobile phones are both the fixed and mobile lines for the employees. No matter which number a caller dials, it will be answered on the same phone.

Some employees are constantly on the phone and therefore their mobile is not the most practical solution. But there is a number of alternatives. Some shared desks may have fixed phones, so employees can configure their settings to forward calls to these phones. Additionally, Virtual PBX supports soft-phones that can be installed on a PC. For all the different cases, employees can configure dual ringing so they can take the call both on their mobile and on the second phone. They won’t miss a call even if they left their desk.

Additionally your company can choose to pay the bill for the use of the phone during business hours and have the personal use of the phone charged to employees.

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