Cost effective for all your staff

Do you have temporary staff? You want to keep side costs for them at a minimum.

The VPBX convergent solution helps you to keep costs low. You can assign temporary extensions to your temporary staff .These employees can work from home or when traveling and callers don’t notice any difference to calling them in the office.

Maybe you are considering a call center for calls to the sales and service departments. Prices for outsourcing are usually quite high. However your Virtual PBX operator has a nice surprise: a contact center solution within the VPBX. With the automatic call distribution (ACD) functionality, you can distribute and queue calls based on the agent’s skills, who can be located virtually anywhere.

And there’s a way to save even more money. Staff that's not travelling often, do not get a mobile phone. Instead they install a soft-phone client so they can receive calls on their PC. Again, callers only need to dial the office number.

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