Knowing what they want…

Your business customer base is very heterogeneous. Customers vary in size, industry and requirements. You know that if you want to sell them a service, it has to offer them what they need, at the price they are willing to pay.

This means that you cannot offer the same services to all your customers. Nor can you afford to buy solutions according to the need of each customer. You need a solution that allows targeted offers based on your customer’s needs without adding to the costs.

Using ECT Virtual PBX allows you to offer different services depending on who you are targeting. Once you have a clear idea of your different customer segments, the rest is just about modularity.

Small companies are usually more interested in voice VPN solutions and do not necessarily need complex routing and voice services.

Medium companies may have the need for a network-based PBX solution but they rarely have multiple locations or subsidiaries.

Large enterprises have multiple locations and make intensive use of the attendant and group features.

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