Virtual PBX Products

Your performance as an operator is linked to your success in the business sector. Business customers generate large volumes, have a low churn and are interested in value-added services with a visible economic benefit. Your objective is to increase and secure the share of business customers in your revenue mix.

If you are a fixed only operator you want to keep mobile operators away from your business customers.

Maybe you are a fixed operator who will enter the mobile arena as an MVNO.

Or you are a mobile only operator and want to make money within the business segment.

It could be that you offer fixed and mobile services but you have not been able to offer them seamlessly.

Or you are on your way towards VoIP evolution and need to offer seamless services in legacy and IP-based networks.

Whichever case applies, our portfolio of network-based communication services will increase your potential with business customers and their dependency on you.

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