Divide and conquer!

You want to conquer your market and you want to give your competitors a hard time. Therefore, you segment your solutions to make them more attractive to a broader customer base and benefit from scale economy.

Voice VPN as a single service can be your entrance door to small businesses that do not have the will or budget to pay for complex solutions but are keen to save on their telecom expenses.

A full VPBX solution is complex and unless your customer is very large,  many functionalities will not be used. The use of functionalities is specific to individual customers and/or segments. With ECT Virtual PBX you can enable or disable functionalities for groups, attendants, etc. on a customer level. With a price behind each set of functionalities you offer your customers what they need at a price they are willing to pay.

Finally, a one-phone/one-number solution may be attractive for a specific segment, but also specific functionalities may not be required by all customers. For example, a large number of CLI and routing profiles may only be required by large companies.

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