Full Features, Reduced Costs

Large companies are also always looking for ways to reduce their costs. Say, your company has over 500 employees distributed over several offices. When you want to replace your legacy PBX with a virtual solution you can include all regional offices in the same PBX.

Each of your departments will have a leader and teams with specific expertise. You can assign phone numbers for each expert group. When a call comes to this number it is routed to the available expert.

Managers have their assistants. Each manager can choose to transfer all or certain calls to his assistant. By installing an alert client on their PC, assistants know if an incoming call was intended for the manager and can act accordingly.

Each employee can also manage their settings on the client portal, define presence settings e.g. at lunch or in a meeting and even update their schedule with their current status. They also define how incoming calls are handled e.g. if busy or if at lunch.

Your IT administrators can manage the whole company with one central tool. They can assign temporary numbers, create agents and groups for their customer care call center and manage the corporate directory.

The attendants’ work is also made easier. They no longer need to answer all incoming calls. The main phone can be answered by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that allows callers to choose the department or person they want to reach.

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