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As an operator, ECT’s network-based communication services will enable you to offer PBX services hosted in your network and make traditional, premise-based PBX systems obsolete. You can offer true fixed-mobile convergence and strengthen your position with your business customers.


INtellECT® Virtual PBX is designed to fulfill all the communication needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

By offering voice VPN, virtual PBX and fixed-mobile convergent solutions you can target small, medium and large enterprises. You offer them a scalable service, customized to their needs over one flexible system. You offer customer-specific solutions and at the same time, benefit from economy of scale.

Our Network-Based Communication Services fulfill the needs of your business customers and their employees, providing the right user experience for individuals, whole groups or departments, attendants and managers.

Whether you are a mobile or fixed operator looking to strengthen your position in the market, you are offering both mobile and fixed line services and want to offer convergent solutions, or you are on your way towards IP evolution, ECT will contribute to your success.

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